2021 Review and Reflections

Here on the blog:

In 2021, I only wrote two posts. The first was my 2020 review and reflections, and then in March, I wrote a resource list of abuse advocates. Somehow, with this sparse contribution, the blog had its highest traffic at 15,571 views (next best was 2018 with 14,774 views). Half of those views came from searches.

Most visited posts:
Resource List: Abuse Advocates and Experts
RC Sproul on the Role of Men and Women
The Transformative Power of Good Leadership

Meanwhile, the 2021 Facebook page reach was 15,929,074
I grew from 9k to 22.9k followers in 2021
88.2% women, 11.8% men
Largest demographic between the ages 25-44

This post reached 4.3 million people:

A big part of me feels like I am just in a holding pattern on the blog – sharing the things I am reading and appreciating on my Facebook page, but not writing any of my own articles and content. So my goals for 2022 are:
1.) to post an article at least once a month on my blog,
2.) write at least one book review per month, and
3.) create at least one digital art piece or meme to share on Facebook per week,
so that I am contributing some of my own ideas and reflections to TBKW feeds.

When I begin to experience discouragement and doubt about the fruit of TBKW, God always seems to prick my conscience to keep going, often with an encouraging message through my FB page. Thank you to those who have followed, commented, liked, messaged and given me grace when I miss the mark. Most recently, I was reminded to be a “Good Troublemaker” while listening to a podcast. It isn’t always comfortable to confront the patriarchy, white supremacy, economic injustice, etc. But I believe deep in my heart that these issues matter to God and this is not the way God wants his Bride to function.

My overall feeling is gratitude that I have the opportunity to meet so many interesting and brilliant people through this page, and have important conversations. I am always trying to keep an open mind and open heart to what God may have to teach me through your messages and comments. Thank you all for being a part of TBKW community! I love you so much!!

My husband and I in October โค

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