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 [Becky and Ruth] enjoying this journey as Beautiful Kingdom Warriors!

Here are links to some of our favorite articles from around the web, pertaining to egalitarianism, gender equality, gender injustice, etc.  This list will grow over time, so check back!

* — because there are so many links here, we’ve marked some with a star to help you choose one or two exemplary articles from each category

Essential Blogs/Websites for Egalitarians:
Biblical Christian Egalitarians – public FB group, great place to discuss gender issues
CBE International – The Center for Biblical Equality (a wealth of scholarly resources for Bible study – I always start here when preaching or teaching)
Gods Word to Women – resources for Biblical equality
Marg Mowzcko – exegesis blog for Biblical equality
The Junia Project – resources for Biblical equality

More Favorite Blogs/Websites:
A Cry for Justice – support and resources for victims of abuse in the church
A Holy Experience – Ann Voskamp’s beautiful and inspiring writings
Amy R. Buckley – Egalitarian blogger
April Fiet – Egalitarian blogger
Ashley Easter – Egalitarian blogger and abuse advocate
Biblical Personhood – Retha Faurie’s blog
bwe Baptist Women for Equality – Shirley Taylor’s blog
Carolyn Custis James – our patron saint of egalitarianism
Challenging Tertullian – Rob Dixon’s writings on gender issues in the Church
Charlie Olivia – blogger and podcaster on Christian Feminism
Christena Cleveland – social psychology + faith + reconciliation = GREAT BLOG
Diary of an Autodidact – posts on Christian patriarchy
Enough Light – Laura Martin’s blog
Equality for Women and Men in the Christian Faith – Bob Edwards’ blog
Ezer Rising – Advocates, Writers, Creative Thinkers, and Visionaries Empowering Women Like Jesus Did
Feminist Asian Dad – a unique parenting blog focused on activism
GRACE – Godly Response to Abuse in the Christian Environment
Jen Hatmaker – church planter, author, speaker, writer
Jenny Rae Armstrong – Life, Mission and Ministry. She-Style.  Awesome blog.
Jesus Creed – Scot McKnight’s blog, posts often on Egalitarianism
Jory Micah – advocate for women in ministry, church planter, speaker
Kathy Escobar – pastor, writer, advocate, speaker, rule-breaker, pot-stirrer
Kelly Ladd Bishop – Egalitarian writer
Philip B. Payne – author of “Man and Woman: One in Christ”
Rachel Held Evans – Rachel blogs about current issues in Christianity
Red Letter Christians – resources for living like Christ
Sarah Bessey – author of “Jesus Feminist”
Sarah Jo Connor – scholarship on gender in the Bible
Spiritual Sounding Board – Finding resolve amidst the dissonance of ‘churchianity’
Split/Frame of Reference – Allison and Nick Quient podcast on Egalitarian theology
Suzanne Burden – author of “Reclaiming Eve”
The Whitby Forum – Carolyn Custis James’ website, equality resources
Tim Fall – Honoring God, Encouraging People (to drop patriarchy)
The Wartburg Watch – dissecting Christian trends
Wordgazer’s Words – Kristen Rosser’s writings on Biblical equality

10 Best Sites for Egalitarians – The Junia Project
49 Seriously Good Blogs for Egalitarians – The Junia Project

TBKW Authors Published elsewhere:
10 Awesome Women Pastors You Should Know – Ruth Perry
If we value Biblical justice, we must pursue freedom for those who experience domestic violence – Ruth Perry

An article I pass along all the time:
Stages of Faith: A Map for the Spiritual Journey

On Biblical Interpretation:
1 Timothy 2:12-15: Paul’s Original Language, Timothy’s Original Context – Bob Edwards
A Suitable Helper – Margaret Mowczko
*Correcting Carricatures: The Biblical Teaching on Women – Walt Kaiser
Defusing the 1 Timothy 2:12 Bomb – The Junia Project
Did/Does God order wives to ‘obey’ their husbands? – Glenn Miller
Does the Big Picture of Scripture Truly Teach Gender Equality? – Ronald Pierce
Ending the Gender Wars Through Unity in Christ – Bob Edwards
Ephesians 5: a mandate for male authority? – Bob Edwards
For the sake of the Gospel: Let women speak – Rachel Held Evans
Galations 3:28: Our Identity in Christ and in the Church – Marg Mowczko
How You Read the Bible: The Binary Language of Gender and Scripture – Noah Stepro
If Men Got the Titus 2 Treatment – Rachel Held Evans
Imaging the Biblical God – J.R. Daniel Kirk
In a Nutshell articles – Margaret Mowzcko
Kenegdo: Is the woman in Genesis 2 subordinate, suitable, or similar to the man? – Marg Mowczko
Lost in Translation – Bob Edwards
On 1 Corinthians 14 & Women’s Silence in Church – Mark Kubo
Must Women Keep Silent? 1 Cor 14 – Bob Edwards
Paul’s Main Point in Ephesians 5:22-33 – Margaret Mowczko
Short Answers to Challenging Texts: Ephesians 5:18-33 – Allison Young 
Statements from Prominent Biblical Scholars on Women in Ministry – Margaret Mowzcko
Submission in Context: Christ and the Greco-Roman Household Codes – Rachel Held Evans
“Teshuqa.” A Little Word with Big Consequences (Key Hebrew Word in Gen. 3:16b) – Susan Stubbs Hyatt
The Bible Says Women Should Lead – Part 1 – Rev. Jeremiah Gibbs
The Bible Says Women Should Lead – Part 2 – Rev. Jeremiah Gibbs
The Bible Says Women Should Lead – Part 3 – Rev. Jeremiah Gibbs
*The Bible Teaches the Equal Standing of Man and Woman – Philip Payne
The Cultural Context of Ephesians 5:18-6:9 – Gordon Fee
The Proverbs 31 “Woman of Strength” – Megan DeFranza
The “Women” Question – RJS, N.T. Wright
*Women’s Service in the Church – The Biblical Basis – N.T. Wright

On God’s Gender:
Is God a man? – Rachel Held Evans
In the Image of Man They Created God – The Junia Project
El Shaddai and the Gender of God – Scribalishess
God’s Feminine Side is Plain to See – Debbie Blue
*Is God Male? – Dr. Mimi Haddad
Is God Male or Masculine? – Margaret Mowczko
It Doesn’t Take the Combination of Male and Female to Image God – Sarah Jo Connor

On Women in the Bible:
25 Biblical Roles for Biblical Women – Margaret Mowzcko
Abigail: A Bible Woman with Beauty and Brains – Margaret Mowzcko
Apostles, Deacons & The Women of Romans 16 – Nicholas Quient
Beauty, Marriage, Motherhood and Ministry – Margaret Mowzcko
Bible Women with Spiritual Authority – Margaret Mowzcko
Anna: Proclaimer of God’s Grace – Allison Quient
Phoebe: Servant or Minister? – Bob Edwards
Who’s Who Among Biblical Women Leaders – Rachel Held Evans
Why Women Pastors? (A Methodist’s Perspective) – Paul Brown
Women Pastors in the Early Church – Kathryn Riss

On the Historical Context of the Bible:
Deformed Males and Lazy Parasites: Ancient Views on Women – Sarah Jo Connor
Girls Gone Wild in Ancient Rome – Sarah Jo Connor

On Christian Women/Egalitarians in History:
An Unlikely Women’s History Celebrant (John Calvin) – Caroly Custis James
Female Martyrs and their Ministry in the Early Church – Marg Mowzcko
Green Beer and Gender Advocacy – Rob Dixon
Making a Track – a blog celebrating Christian feminists from history
Paul and Women, in a Nutshell – Margaret Mowzcko
Phebe Willets: (Woman) Preacher of the 1700’s – Charity Johnson
*The Neglected History of Women in the Early Church – Catherine Kroeger

On Biblical Womanhood:
A New Heart, Beyond Stereotypical Womanhood – Amy Rasmussen Buckley
*Ex Good Christian Women – Kathy Escobar
Do Christians idolize virginity? – Rachel Held Evans
Fierce and Feminine – Cayla Pruett
I Am a Woman – Kate Wallace
*On Being a Woman After God’s Own Heart – Jenny Rae Armstrong
Peering Under Our Collective Burqa – Emily Niesen Jones
 The Incomplete Gospel of Biblical Womanhood – Kate Wallace
Why Right Now is the Time to Shatter the Myth of Not Enough – Ann Voskamp
Why the Church can support “breadwinning” wives too – Rachel Held Evans
Why We Don’t Need Women’s Ministry – Sarah Bessey
Why You Really Matter: An Anthem for Women – Ann Voskamp

On Biblical Manhood:
Breaking the Habits of Machismo – Michelle Gonzalez
Freeing Men From Patriarchy’s Chains – Carolyn Custis James
In Christianity, There’s More to Being a Man – Zachary K. Perkins
*Seeing Male Authority as God’s Design: Where Did This Idea Come From? – Bob Edwards
The 3 Scariest Words a Boy Can Hear – NPR
The “Dad Mom” and the “Man Fail” – Owen Strachan (not endorsing this article – sharing it for all its ugliness)
What Boys Become: Modesty Culture and Learned Irresponsibility – Dianna Anderson
“What Your Husband Isn’t Telling You” book review – Bob Edwards
Why “Masculine Christianity” Is Misguided – Dale Coulter

On Women in Leadership:
4 Reasons Why Ordaining Women is No Longer an Option – Rev. Jeremiah Gibbs
6 Ways to Empower Women for Ministry – Corrie Gustafson
10 Tangible Ways We Can Work Towards Equality in the Church – Kathy Escobar
A Crossroads for Women in the (Catholic) Church? – Joan Chittister
Dear SBC: Stop the Mansplaining, Repent, and Start Ordaining Women – Jonathan Aigner
Evidence of the Changing Evangelical Tide – Rev. Jeremiah Gibbs
Five Ways to Avoid Undermining Your Theology of Gender – Tim Peck
Fully Released: Imagine Women Completely Empowered – Rob Dixon
Gender Roles vs. Spiritual Roles in the Body of Christ – Ruthie Johnson
Let the Women Preach – Tony Campolo
People’s Voices Matter – an interview with Pastor Nadia Bolz-Weber
Reimagining a Woman’s Role in the Church – Frank Viola
Resources for Women Preachers – The Junia Project
*Rock Boats, Upset Apple Carts, Ruffle Feathers.  It’s Worth It. – Kathy Escobar
Study: Female Pastors Are On the Rise – Haylee Gray Scott
The Perception Obstacle for Women Pursuing Leadership in Evangelical Workplaces – Christianity Today
Women as “Other” in the Church – Sarah Jane Hyde
Women & Leadership in Sacramental Churches – Tim Peck

On Marriage:
3 Bad Habits that can Derail any Relationship – Ester Boykin
Co-Leadership in Marriage: What about Headship? – Tim and Anne Evans
Co-Leadership in Marriage: Let’s Talk about Submission – Tim and Anne Evans
Co- Leadership in Marriage: Who’s in Authority? – Tim and Anne Evans
Consent is not a Negotiation: Love, Respect, and Warped Ideas of Sin – Diannae Anderson
*Egalitarian Books and Resources on Marriage – Marg Mowzcko
Emotionally Intelligent Husbands are Key to Lasting Marriage – The Gottman Institute
Empirical Data in Support of Egalitarian Marriage and Fresh Perspective on 
Submission and Authority – Dennis Preato
God Wants Women to be Happy in Marriage – Margaret Mowzcko
Husbands, Submit to Your Wives – Tara Beth Leach
Is Marriage Really an Illustration of Christ and the Church? – Kristen Rosser
Masters and Slaves, Husbands and Wives – Bob Edwards
Maybe Two Heads Are Better Than One – Ashley Easter
The Gospel Coalition, sex, and subordination – Rachel Held Evans
The One Thing to Know if You Think Women Make ‘Excuses’ For Not Having Sex – HuffPost, Carina Kolodny
*What Does ‘Submit in Everything’ Really Mean?  The Nature and Scope of Marital Submission – Steven Tracy, PhD
Wives, Confront Your Husbands – Eddie Hyatt
Women are Needy, Fearful and Full of Feelings?  Good Thing Men Are Around! – Tim Fall

On Dating:
*Why Courtship is Fundamentally Flawed – Thomas Umstattd Jr.

On Divorce:
Eternal Subordination and SBC Divorce Rates – Wade Burleson
The myths around divorce and gold-digging wives obscure the reality – The Guardian, Joanna Moorhead

On Christian Feminism:
50 Shades of Grey vs. The Bible: Would the Real Feminist Please Stand Up? – Bryn of All My
How Feminism Hurts Men – Micah J Murray
How I Became a Jesus Feminist – Micah J Murray
They gave me a box… – Kate Wallace
*We need feminism… – Rachel Held Evans

On Church Culture:
Am I my brother’s gatekeeper? – Elizabeth Esther
How one woman struggles with traditional church – Suzanne Burden
How Satan Confuses Women to Disable the Church – Angie Tolpin
Just Because the Door is Open Doesn’t Mean I’m Welcome Here – Kathy Khang
The following is an exercise in laughing at ourselves in our work towards gender justice… – Michael Hanegan

On Parenting:
10 Point Manifesto of Joyful Parenting – printable – Ann Voskamp
How to Talk to Your Daughter About Her Body – HuffPost, Sarah Koppelkam
*Raising Girls In A World Where They Are Less Than Human – Jon Huckins
The Wholehearted Parenting Manifesto – printable – Brene Brown
*Quick, Pass Me the Detergent! – Rob Dixon
When your mother says she’s fat – Kasey Edwards

On Complementarianism:
Complementarians and Aphrodite – Samantha Field
Confusing “Equality” with “Sameness” – A Complementarian Misconception – Bob Edwards
Egalitarians and Complementarians: One Gospel, Two Worldviews – Mimi Haddad
Examples of Top-Down Processing in Complementarian Theology  – Bob Edwards
*It’s not complementarianism; it’s patriarchy – Rachel Held Evans
The Absurd Legalism of Gender Roles – Rachel Held Evans
The Bait and Switch of Complementarians – Dr. Mimi Haddad
The Logical Fallacy of Equal but Subordinate – Kristen Rosser
Response to a Complementarian View of Women – Bob Edwards
When Love Damages: The Case of Benevolent Sexism – Elizabeth Lewis Hall
*Why Complementarians “See” Male Leadership as God’s Design – Bob Edwards

On Headship in the Bible:
Head and Headship in Genesis 1-3 – Marg Mowzcko
Head of the household? – Keri Wyatt Kent
Leon Morris on “Head” (Kephale) in the New Testament – Marg Mowzcko
Male Headship Theology Enables Abusers – Kelly Ladd Bishop
Part 1: Headship Madness: An Introduction to “Headship” – Jamin Hubner
Part 2: Headship Madness: The Headship Litmus Test – Jamin Hubner
Part 3: Headship Madness: The Headship Litmus Test is Rigged – Jamin Hubner
Part 4: Headship Madness: How To Do (And Not Do) Theology – Jamin Hubner
Part 5: Headship Madness: Headship in the New Testament – Jamin Hubner

On Patriarchy:
4 Ways Patriarchy Tries to Erase Women from History – Rachel Elizabeth Asproth
Does Patriarchy Glorify God? – Kristen Rosser
How Patriarchy Silences Women – Rachel Asproth
*Is patriarchy really God’s dream for the world? – Rachel Held Evans
John Piper on Men in Ministry, and the Masculinity of Christianity – Ben Witherington
Patriarchy and Abuse: Twisted Scripture – Dee Parsons
Patriarchy and Abusive Churches – Rachel Held Evans
Patriarchy: When False Doctrine Runs Amok – Tim Fall
The Impact of Patriarchy in the Church – Bob Edwards
The Persistence of Patriarchy – Anne Eggebroten
Three Ways Patriarchy is Bad for Men – Tim Peck
When Women are Invisible in the Church – Bob Edwards

On Socialization, Sexism and Objectification:
Confusing Sexism with “The Gospel” – Bob Edwards
Double Standards, Women, and the Church – Rev. Jeremiah Gibbs
Double Standards, Women, and the Church – Part 2 – Rev. Jeremiah Gibbs
How Pop Culture Tells Women To Shut Up – Megan Garber
Misogyny, an epidemic from hell – Natalie, Emotional Abuse Survivor
*On Really Seeing Someone – Rob Dixon
Please Don’t Call Me Sweetie – Rev. Jill Howard
Short Skirts, Mean Girls, and Yoga Pants: Modesty as Objectification – Dianna Anderson
*Statistics from Miss Representation
The Trouble with Bright Girls – Heidi Grant Halvorson Ph.D.
The Absurd Legalism of Gender Roles: Exhibit C – Rachel Held Evans
What Men Secretly Say About Women – Rebecca Ruiz
Why Women Apologize and Should Stop – Sloane Crosley

On Racism and Reconciliation:
Black Bodies White Souls – Austin Brown
Is it “Goodbye Evangelicalism” or “We Join You in Your Suffering”? – Thabiti Anyabwile
One Black Man’s Complicated Relationship with the Police – Jemar Tisby
*Our Silence on the War on Drugs and Mass Incarceration Lead to the Insanity in Ferguson – Nekima Levy-Pounds
Intersections; Where Do We Meet: Talking About Racism and Sexism – Susanna Krizo
Riots and Redemption – James Howard Hill, Jr.
Stark Racial Divisions in Reactions to Ferguson Police Shooting – PewResearch
The Sin of Racism Made Ferguson Escalate So Quickly – Dr. John Perkins
This Independence Day, Read Bree Newsome’s Call to Courage – Rose Marie Berger
When Terrorism Wears a Badge – Ryan Herring

On Gender Equity:
8 reasons why women can’t get a good job – Alison Shea
20 Facts Everyone Should Know About Gender Bias in Movies – Soraya Chemaly
Guidelines for Gender-Fair Use of Language – National Council of Teachers of English
Husbands and Wives: Who Works, Who Doesn’t? – Quoctrung Bui
Interview with Emily Jones, Imago Dei Fund – Gordon College
The burden that women take on far more than men do – Allison J. Pugh
The Invisible Workload that Drags Women Down – Lisa Wade
Women Entrepreneurs Fight for Their Piece of the Pie – Zoe Schlanger

On Global Issues of Injustice Towards Women:
10 Suprising Statistics on Women in the Workplace – College Times
All moms matter, but not all moms are treated equal – Lewit Gemeda
Chibok girls ‘forced to join Nigeria’s Boko Haram’ – Tulip Mazumdar
*Child Marriage Facts and Figures – International Center for Research on Women
Entrepreneurship helping delay child marriage in India – Women in the World
From Nigeria to Iraq – the on-going failure to protect women and girls in armed conflict – Karol Alejandra Arambula Carrillo
*Gaza: It’s a Man’s War – The Atlantic, Elana Maryles Sztokman
*Gender-Based Violence – Half the Sky
*Global Challenges Facing Humanity – The Millenium Project
*Global Status of Women – Worldof7billion.org
*Half the Sky – PBS Documentary
How Asia is a hub for ‘silent crime’ of modern-day slavery – Sarah Lazarus
How to Pray for the Most Oppressed People Group – Ann Voskamp
“I know I’m too young to be a mother”: child marriage in Ethiopia – in pictures – Kate Holt
Infographic: Where is the safest place in the world for women to live and work?
INTERVIEW: Child marriage a form of slavery – Thomson Reuters Foundation
Kiva: Loans that Change Lives
Lax rape laws are pervasive around the world, study says – WIIW staff
Pornography Statistics – Women’s Services and Resources
Maternal, Neonatal & Child Health – Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation
One 13-year-old girl’s fight for an education amid ISIS, al-Qaeda and Bashar al-Assad’s bombs – Anna Therese Day
Report accuses governments of “perpetuating violence against women” – WITW
Report Shows Widespread Mistreatment by Health Workers During Childbirth – Denise Grady
Simple Tools to Save the Lives of Mothers and Kids – Gates Foundation
Suicide is now the biggest killer of teenage girls worldwide. Here’s why. –  Nisha Lilia Diu0
Stop Rape in Conflict 
Summer is female genital mutilation season in Egypt – Women in the World
Syria crisis: More than 120,000 forced to flee as fighting intensifies – IRC
The Birth Control Debate We Shouldn’t Be Having – Rachel Marie Stone
*We need feminism – Rachel Held Evans
Whose backs are we standing on?  – Lewit Gemeda
Why Do We Need International Women’s Day? – Melinda Cousins
Why Climate Change is a Women’s Rights Issue – Natasha Geiling
Why Gender Equality is the Missing Link Between Food Security and Climate Change – Global Citizen
Why widowhood is one of the developing world’s key problems – Cherie Blair
Why would a parent send their child to be married? – Global Citizen
Worldwide Displacement at the Highest Level Ever Recorded – Roger Hamilton-Martin
Women Hold Up Half the Sky – Jen Hatmaker
Women Remain in the Shadows because 80% of Key Gender Data is Missing – Shelly Walia

On Women Making a Difference:
10 ways Syrian women risk it all for peace – Kristin Williams
After the earthquake: Women are rebuilding Nepal – Anna Tenuta
Can women make the world more peaceful? – The Guardian, Laurel Stone
Crack unit of female soldiers hunting Islamic State kidnappers – UK Mirror
Filmmaker Wants to Stop Fathers From Giving Up Their Daughters – Eleanor Klibanoff
How two women are empowering girls in Uganda
Malala Calls on Leaders to Invest in Books, Not Bullets – Teri Whitcraft
Mother Justice – waging a war on rape – Raquel Villaecija
The Beauty of Watching Women Want – Autumn Whitefield-Madrano
This Independence Day, Read Bree Newsome’s Call to Courage – Rose Marie Berger
Two Decades After Genocide, Rwanda’s Women Have Made the Nation Thrive – Nina Strochlic
U.N. Envoy Draws on Her Past in Sierra Leone to Help Abused Women – Somini Sengupta

On Emotional, Physical, Spiritual and Sexual Abuse:
5 Indicators of an Evil and Wicked Heart – Leslie Vernick
5 lessons learned from speaking with men who use family violence – No To Violence
Abuse and the Church/Resources – Rachel Held Evans
Abuse on the mission field: Treasuring the institution instead of the child – Boz Tchvidjian
A Church that Gets It! – Boz Tchvidjian
*Christians and the Struggle to Report Child Abuse – Boz Tchvidjian
*Control: The Reason The Gospel Coalition and CBMW Cannot Actually Condemn Spousal Abuse – Diary of an Autodidact
Dehumanization, Disbelief, and Disenfranchisement: Why We Must Believe Survivors – Dianna Anderson
*Domestic Violence Stats – The Center for Women and Families
Don’t Believe in the War on Women? – Ann Tagonist
Elizabeth Smart is Standing Up for Rape Victims – and Tearing Down Purity Culture – Molly Oswaks
*Enough is Enough – Gary Thomas
How 7 things that have nothing to do with rape perfectly illustrate the concept of consent – Angie Aker
How John Piper’s theology allows domestic violence – Dale Fincher
How the Wicked Use “Christian Servanthood” to Gain Control of People – Jeff Crippen
I Saw a Sociopath Yesterday – And Everyone Thought He was Great! – Jeff Crippen
It’s Time for Christian Leaders to Stop Abusing Abused Women – Mary Ellen Mann
My friend, the murder statistic: Domestic violence victims… – Independent UK, Vicky Walker
*Of the Same Flesh: exploring a theology of gender – Christian Aid UK
Pastors Rarely Preach About Domestic Violence Even Though It Affects Countless Americans – HuffPost Antonia Blumberg
Patriarchy and Abusive Churches – Rachel Held Evans
Real Life Examples of Verbal Abuse – Ellie @ A Cry for Justice
*#SilentCOFC: Child Sexual Abuse and Churches of Christ – Michael Hanegan
Spiritual Abuse Survivor Blogs Network
Stop The Silence: Resources – Amy Rasmussen Buckley
*The End of Sexual Violence?  A Resource List – TED.com
We Consistently Put Abusers Before Victims – Matthew McNutt
Why do Christian news outlets minimize abuse in Christian homeschooling?  – Elizabeth Esther
Why Powerful Men Don’t Protect Women – Kevin Thompson

On Human Trafficking:
3 Misconceptions about Human Trafficking We Need to Change – Michelle Brock
Could Christians Opposed to Immigration Reform Be Helping Sex Traffickers? – Morgan Lee
Free2Work: End Human Trafficking
*Modern Slavery by the Numbers – A21 Campaign
Myths and Misconceptions – NHTRC
*Sex Trafficking – Half the Sky
S ex Trafficking Fact Sheet – International Justice Mission
Time to Pull Our Heads Out of the Sand – Carolyn Custis James

On Fighting for Justice:
Dismantling the white male industrial complex – Christena Cleveland
How to Keep Friends and Influence People – Marg Mowczko
*Tone Deaf Leadership: 3 reasons Christian leaders should especially listen to oppressed voices – Christena Cleveland

On Beauty:
Beauty Routine – Glennon Melton
Infographic: Women are Dying to be Thin – www.radarprograms.com
Let’s stop singing about women who don’t know they’re beautiful – Arianna Rebolini
Measuring Worth, Not Weight – Katrina Anne Willis
Modesty: I Don’t Think it Means What You Think it Means – Rachel Held Evans
Should Christians Pursue External Beauty? – Enuma Okoro
Sizing Ourselves Up – Rachel Marie Stone
Statistics from Miss Representation
*Your Body is Not Your Masterpiece – Glennon Melton
When your mother says she’s fat – Kasey Edwards

On Women’s Health:
NuvaRing caused my daughter’s death.  Like most women, she had no idea of the risks. – Karen Langhart

On Becoming a Confident Woman:
The Trouble with Bright Girls – Heidi Grant Halvorson Ph.D.
Think Less, Act More: 6 Confidence Boosters for Women – Claire Shipman and Katty Kay

On Spiritual Practices:
*Give Me Gratitude or Give Me Debt – Glennon Melton
How to Begin Forgiving Our Parents – Leslie Leyland Fields

On Cross-Gender Friendships:
How I Learned to Stop Worrying about the Billy Graham Rule and Love Like Jesus – Ty Grigg
Relationships Of Welcome, Not Fear – Karina Kreminski

On Pornography
Sexual Addiction, Misogyny, and Donald Trump – Andrew Bauman
Signs Your Husband May Be Addicted to Pornography – Wendell G
*What Porn Teaches Viewers About Sex & Consent – Fight the New Drug

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