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Becky and Ruth’s VLOGS:
2014-4-13 – On translating ezer kenegdo as “corresponding strength”
2014-4-7 – On Sarah Bessey’s “Jesus Feminist” – two readings
2014-3-24 – Interview with Lisa Wells on Women’s Sexuality – also Amy Cuddy: Your Body Langauge Shapes Who You Are
2014-3-18 – On Emotional Porn
2014-3-3 – On Women’s Sexuality in response to this sermon
2014-2-17 – Nolan, Ian and Graham on What is Beautiful (to them)
2014-2-10 – On Fighting for Joy thru Depression
2014-2-3 – Graham on Submission within the Trinity
2014-2-3 – Ruth on Mutuality in Marriage
2014-1-27 – On Shame
2014-1-20 – Introducing Becky and Ruth and TBKW

On Theology of Gender/Women:
Biblical Basis for Women’s Service in the Church – N.T. Wright
Biblical Women in Leadership – Stacie
Daughters of Abraham – Sarah Bessey
How Complementarian is the Bible? – Dr. Philip Payne
Kate Wallace @ George Fox Chapel – Kate Wallace
Listening to Romans with Junia and Her Sisters – Beverly Roberts Gaventa
Patriarchy and Worth – J.R. Daniel Kirk
Reconciliation with Gender – Dr. Brenda Salter McNeil
Refuting Objections to the Church Ordaining Women – Ben Wayman
Should Women Serve as Pastors? – Listen to Moody Radio debate between Owen Strachan and Dr. Ron Pierce
Theology of Gender – 11 Videos – CBE International
The Origins of Male Authority in the Church – Bob Edwards
The Theology of Empowering Women: Part 1 – Kris Vallotton podcast
Twisted Scripture – 1 Timothy 2:12 – Greg Boyd & Nikole Mitchell
Why Not Women? – Loren Cunningham
Why Talk about Faith, Gender and Culture – Kate Wallace
Why Women Must Learn  in Quietness and Submission – Gary Hoag

On Mutuality/Egalitarian Marriage:
Advice to Engaged Couple – Rachel Held Evans
Geri Scazzero at New Life’s 2013 Premarital Workshop
Pants – Don Francisco
I Quit – Geri Scazzero
Who’s the Boss? – Greg Boyd

On Women Who Inspire:
Bree Newsome Speaks for the First Time after Courageous Act of Civil Disobedience – Goldie Taylor
Lean Into It – Sarah Bessey
Marianne North, Mary Kingsley, Alexandra David-Neel
Oscar Winner Lupita Nyongo’s Powerful Speech on Beauty
Sarah Bessey – The Work of the People
Tales of Passion – Isabel Allende
The Five Women Who Dealt Lethal Blows – J. Lee Grady
We Should All Be Feminists – Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie
What My Mother Taught Me – Shauna Niequist

On Vulnerability and Shame:
The Power of Vulnerability – Brene Brown
Listening to Shame – Brene Brown

On Our Worth:
Beautiful Things – Gungor Music Video
Feel Not Good Enough?  Here’s the Cure – Marie Forleo
God is Jealous for You – peacewithgod.net
Healing Our Image of God and Ourselves – Brennan Manning
How Do You Define Yourself – Lizzie Velasquez
Live Loved – Sarah Bessey
Not Qualified – The Anima Series
You Are Not Forgotten – Sarah Bessey
Who You Are: A Message to All Women – The Anima Series

On Media’s Objectification of Women:
4 Ladies Get the Covergirl Treament – and Hate the Results
5 Minutes of What the Media Actually Does to Women
8 Ads That Will Immediately Make You Feel Crazy Empowered
Miss Representation – MUST SEE DOCUMENTARY!!
Singers should stop using Misogyny in songs, word for Beyonce
The Sexy Lie – Caroline Heldman
Why Low Body Confidence is Bad for Your Health – Meaghan Ramsey

On White/Male Privilege:
7 Reasons Men Should Not be Pastors – Sojourners
A black man and a white woman switch mics and the result is amazing

On Cultural Norms for Women:
Approval Matrix – Amy Poehler
Auto Fill: A Gender Study – Emma Hall
5 Double-Standards Women Face
The Lady Stripped Bare – Tracey Spicer
Shrinking Women – Lily Meyers
Women Saying I’m Sorry – Women in the World

On Cultural Norms for Men:
Gender inequality is bad for men too
Boys will be boys? Kristina Kuzmic

On Psychological or Spiritual Abuse:
John Piper: Does a woman submit to abuse? – the right answer is NO, John!
The Manipulation Series – Jeffrey Watts

On Domestic Violence and Sexual Abuse:
A Call to Men – Tony Porter
How We Turned the Tide on Domestic Violence – Esta Soler
Responding to Domestic Violence – Rev. Al Miles
Violence Against Women – It’s a Men’s Issue – Jackson Katz
Why Domestic Violence Victims Don’t Leave – Leslie Morgan

On Global Issues Facing Women:
End the Shame.  End the Suffering.  End Fistula. – Natalie Imbruglia
Fighting Illiteracy thru READGlobal
Education in Vietnam – Half the Sky classroom module
Filmmaker Wants to Stop Fathers From Giving Up Their Daughters – Eleanor Klibanoff
Gender Based Violence: A Guide to Global Issues – Global Citizen
Gender-based Violence in Sierra Leone – Half the Sky classroom module
Gender Equality: The Smart Thing To Do – Harvard University
Gender & IDA – Fostering equality and empowerment – World Bank
It’s a Girl – 2012 Documentary on gendercide
Made In A Free World
Maternal Mortality in Somaliland – Half the Sky classroom module
Matt Damon: “You will never solve poverty without solving water and sanitation”
National Geographic expose on child marriage
Peace for Syria – UNWomen
Sex Trafficking in Cambodia – Half the Sky classroom module
Why I believe the mistreatment of women in the number one human rights abuse – Jimmy Carter
Women’s Economic Empowerment in Kenya – Half the Sky classroom module

On Parenting:
4 Lessons I Wish Every Mom Taught Every Daughter
The Hidden Meanings in Kids Movies – Colin Stokes

On Pornography:
The Hearts of Men Movie Promo
Why I Stopped Watching Porn – Ran Gavrieli

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