Resource list: Abuse advocates and experts

Over the past few years with #churchtoo disclosures and allegations, as well as the tidal wave of prominent pastors’ “deeds of darkness” being exposed, it is clear that the evangelical church has an abuse problem. Perhaps even more tragically, when we respond poorly to abuse, we exacerbate the pain and trauma of the victims and enable the perpetrators, endangering others and harming the witness of the church. It is imperative that we learn how to respond in a way that ministers to victims, holds perpetrators accountable, and creates a safe, healthy environment for our faith communities.

I wanted to make this post as a resource for pastors, lay leaders, and abuse survivors to facilitate abuse education. For each of us, it is not a matter of if we will face abuse in our own community, but when. So I asked The Beautiful Kingdom Warrior Facebook community to help me compile a list of abuse advocates in this comment thread. Below, I have fleshed out our list with links to the advocates’ websites, books, and social media so that you can easily follow them and begin to learn more about the prevalence and dynamics of abuse. Be sure to pass this post along.

To begin, here is a link to a short article I wrote on the dynamics of abuse for my denomination’s digital magazine, and here are some useful images for familiarization with the dynamics of abuse:

Abuse Advocates and Experts (in alphabetical order):

*book links are to my Amazon Affiliate store: thebeautif017-20

Dr. Dan Allender – The Allender Center

Bio: Prominent Christian therapist, author, professor, and speaker focusing on sexual abuse and trauma recovery
Book: The Wounded Heart: Hope for Adult Victims of Childhood Sexual Abuse
Social media: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, Vimeo

Shahida Arabi – Self-Care Haven

Bio: Columbia U grad who studied bullying; best-selling author specializing in narcissism and self-care
Website:, Self-Care Haven blog
Books: Becoming the Narcissist’s Nightmare; POWER: Surviving and Thriving after Narcissistic Abuse
Social Media: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter

Lundy Bancroft

Bio: 25 years experience in the fields of abuse, trauma and recovery; counseling, workshops and public speaking
Books: Why Does He Do That? Inside the Minds of Angry and Controlling Men; Should I Stay or Should I Go?
Social media: Facebook

Laura Barringer

Bio: Educator, Advocate and Co-Author of A Church Called Tov
Book: A Church Called Tov: Forming a Goodness Culture That Resists Abuses of Power and Promotes Healing
Social media: Instagram, Twitter

Andrew J. Bauman

Bio: Christian Author, Therapist, & Abuse Advocate. Helping men become sexually healthy.
Books: The Sexually Healthy Man, The Psychology of Porn, Stumbling Toward Wholeness
Social media: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, Podcast

Gretchen Baskerville – Life Saving Divorce

Bio: Christian Divorce Recovery Minister, Author and Abuse Advocate
Book: The Life Saving Divorce: Hope for People Leaving Destructive Relationships
Social media: Facebook, Twitter, Vimeo

Nichole Braddock Bromley – One Voice

Bio: Author, International Speaker, Sexual Abuse Survivor, and Activist
Social media: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Podcast

Jeff Crippen – Unholy Charade

Bio: Pastor, Author and Abuse Advocate
Books: A Cry for Justice; Unholy Charade
Social media: Twitter, Sermon Audio: 21 sermons on abuse

Chuck DeGroat

Bio: Professor of Pastoral Care and Christian Spirituality at Western Seminary; Therapist; Author
Book: When Narcissism Comes to Church: Healing Your Community from Emotional and Spiritual Abuse
Social media: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram

Rachael Denhollander

Bio: Lawyer, first accuser of Larry Nassar; Abuse Advocate and Consultant
Book: What is a Girl Worth?; How Much is a Little Girl Worth?
Social media: Facebook, Twitter

F. Remy Diederich

Bio: Pastor, Author – helps people overcome life’s hurts with God’s help
Books: Broken Trust, Healing the Hurts of Your Past
Social media: Facebook

Patrick Doyle

Bio: Abuse survivor, Coach for those affected by emotional abuse, Speaker
Social media: Facebook, Instagram, YouTube

Ashley Easter – Courage 365

Bio: Founder of Courage 365, a catalyst to cultivate and empower a Justice Generation that resists abuse everywhere
Social media: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube

Bob & Helga Edwards

Bio: Christian Therapists and Public Speakers
Book: Addressing Domestic Violence in the Church
Social media: Facebook

Maureen Farrell Garcia

Bio: Christian Writer, Speaker, Instructor, and Abuse Victim-Survivor Advocate
Social media: Twitter

Give Her Wings

Mission: We serve, without judgment and with compassion, single mothers who have left abusive relationships. Our goal is to show them the community and body of the Church, when they otherwise are not finding it.
Social media: Facebook, Twitter

GRACE – Godly Response to Abuse in the Christian Environment

Mission: Empowering Christian communities to recognize, prevent, and respond to abuse. Founded in 2004.

“With a combined experience of over 100 years of addressing abuse-related issues, GRACE has accumulated and organized a wealth of resources from mental health experts, former prosecutors, and theologians to give you and your organization a well-rounded, robust, and deep understanding of abuse and how to prevent it. We all can make a difference by learning about abuse, become equipped on how to recognize it, and committing to responding appropriately. Browse the categories below to learn more.”

Social media: Facebook, YouTube; founder Boz Tchividjian on Twitter

Natalie Hoffman – Flying Free Sisterhood

Bio: Author, Podcaster and Life Coach for women recovering from abusive marriages and churches
Book: Is it me? Making sense of your confusing marriage
Social media: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Podcast

Kyle J. Howard

Bio: Christian Theologian, preacher, & trauma informed soul care provider; Survivor of racial and spiritual abuse
Social media: Facebook, Twitter

Mariam Ibraheem – Tahrir Alnisa Foundation

Bio: Survivor of Sudanese Prison and Domestic Violence; Director of Global Mobilization and Co-Founder of TAF
Mission: “We empower women escaping abuse by assisting with housing, medical care, trauma recovery, and legal fees.”
Social media: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube

Virginia Knowles

Bio: Practical Theologian researching authoritarian and/or aberrant religious movements, spiritual abuse and family dysfunction
Forthcoming book: Burned: Rising from the ashes of spiritual crisis

Dr. Diane Langberg

Bio: Christian Psychologist with 50 years experience counseling trauma survivors; Speaker, Consultant, Author
Books: Suffering and the Heart of God, Redeeming Power: Understanding Authority and Abuse in the Church
Social media: Twitter

This video is an excellent discussion about Ravi Zacharias’ decades long deceit and abuse and the system that enabled him:

Bekah Legg – Restored

Bio: Director of Restored, “Working alongside churches to end violence against women”
Social media: Restored’s Facebook, Twitter, YouTube; Bekah’s Twitter

Sarah McDugal

Bio: Empowering women to recover from abuse in the faith community. Coaching + Courses + Groups
Books: Safe Churches: Responding to Abuse in the Faith Community; Myths We Believe, Predators We Trust
Social media: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube

Scot McKnight

Bio: Professor at Northern Seminary, Theology Blogger, Co-Author of A Church Called Tov
Website: Jesus Creed
Book: A Church Called Tov: Forming a Goodness Culture that Resists Abuse and Promotes Healing
Social media: Facebook, Twitter

Chris Moles – PeaceWorks University

Bio: Pastor, Speaker, Biblical Counselor addressing domestic violence
Book: The Heart of Domestic Abuse: Gospel Solutions for Men Who Use Control and Violence in the Home
Social media: Facebook, Twitter, The Safest Place: Domestic Abuse and the Church FB group

Wade Mullen

Bio: M.Div Program Director at Capital Seminary & Graduate School, Author, Abuse Advocate
Book: Something’s Not Right: Decoding the Hidden Tactics of Abuse and Freeing Yourself from Its Powerย 
Social media: Facebook, Twitter

Julie Owens

Bio: Expert Consultant, Trainer and Keynote Speaker on violence against women and trauma
Social media: Facebook, Twitter

Naghmeh Abedini Panahi – Tahrir Alnisa Foundation

Bio: Iranian Church Planter and Domestic Violence Survivor; Executive Director and Co-Founder of TAF
Mission: “We empower women escaping abuse by assisting with housing, medical care, trauma recovery, and legal fees.”
Social media: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube

Brian Peck – Room to Thrive

Bio: Licensed Therapist, Trauma Coach, helping people resolve religious trauma and thrive after deconstruction
Social media: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube

Sarah K. Ramsey – Toxic Person Proof

Bio: Toxic Relationship Specialist, Author, Podcaster, Consultant
Book: Becoming Toxic Person Proof
Social media: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Podcast

Dr. Anna Salter

Bio: Training, Consulting and Publications on Sex Abuse, Offenders, and Victimization
Book: Predators, Pedophiles, Rapists and Other Sex Offenders
Documentary: Predators

Dr. Christy Gunter Sim

Bio: Expert Training, Advising and Consulting on Domestic Violence, Sexual Assault, and Trauma Healing
Book: Survivor Care: What Religious Professionals Need to Know about Healing Trauma
Social media: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram

Eric Skwarczynski – Preacher Boys

Bio: A podcast and upcoming documentary shedding light on decades of abuse within the Independent Fundamental Baptist movement
Social media: Facebook, Twitter (Preacher Boys), Twitter (Eric), Instagram, YouTube, Podcast

Julie Anne Smith – Spiritual Sounding Board

Bio: Blogger, Abuse Advocate and Survivor; “Out of our wounds flow compassion, understanding, & grace. May we all be ‘wounded healers’ who do no harm.
Social media: Facebook, Twitter

Shanell T. Smith

Bio: Minister, Professor, Consultant, Author, Survivor
Book: Touched: For Survivors of Sexual Assault Like Me Who Have Been Hurt by Church Fol…
Social media: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube

Elaine Storkey

Bio: Writer, Broadcaster, Speaker, Author, Christian Feminist
Book: Scars Across Humanity: Understanding and Overcoming Violence Against Women
Social media: Twitter

Darby Strickland

Bio: Biblical Counselor, Speaker and Author
Book: Is it Abuse? A Biblical Guide to identifying domestic abuse and helping victims
Social media: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter

The Hope of Survivors

Mission: A non-profit dedicated to assisting victims of clergy sexual abuse and misconduct
Social media: Facebook, Twitter, YouTube

Shannon Thomas

Bio: Trauma Therapist, Author
Book: Healing from Hidden Abuse, Exposing Financial Abuse
Social media: Facebook, Instagram

Lori Anne Thompson

Bio: Registered Kinesiologist and expertise in the protection of people from the ravages of poverty, adverse childhood experience, and interpersonal violence. Survivor of Ravi Zacharias abuse.
Social media: Twitter

This interview is a must see. Lori Anne articulates the dynamics of abuse so profoundly and carefully with great expertise.

Dr. Ruth Tucker

Bio: Former Professor at Calvin Theological Seminary, Author
Book: Black and White Bible, Black and Blue Wife

Tom Vermillion

Bio: Pastor, Author
Book: Born To Be Free: Discovering Christ’s Power to Set You Free from a Painful Past
Social media: Twitter

Leslie Vernick

Bio: Speaker, Author, and Licensed Clinical Social Worker and Relationship Coach
Books: The Emotionally Destructive Marriage
Social media: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube

Who would you add? Let me know in the comments! Please share this important information!

*I am an Amazon Affiliate and may receive a percentage from books sales from the links above.

25 responses to “Resource list: Abuse advocates and experts

  1. Chris Moles with Peaceworks University. Great resource!!


  2. Chris Moles and Patrick Doyle. ๐Ÿ™‚ This is a fantastic list, btw!


  3. Thank you, what a wonderful Blog for LOT’s of Resources! Something been Whistleblowing for over 40 years. Will try and find the site where post an evil’s Pastor and his Evil Denominations response to spousal abuse. Where David Wilkerson researched and investigated and did “a message to the Assemblies of god sadly unheeded” a sermon and PDF (small g, is because they gave you their god)
    1. Woman goes to her Pastor for help and he tells her “she is going to hell, and something worse is going to happen to her and her children if she does NOT take back the husband who is molesting the children”
    2. “She must be doing something wrong for him to abuse her”. This is a drop in the Bucket. By the way Calvary Chapel Pastors give the same advice took it World Wide News at the time, been taking public they want women battered and children abused. Ten Lies the Church Tells Women/Lies Men Believe based on former Cult that exited, it was horrific.

    Also, had created Report Church Abuse List because of Spousal and Child Abuse (pedophile and molestation and complicit) as their is an OVER 60 year horrific homosexual, child molestation, child pedophile cover-up in Hillsong by assassins of their god as https://donaldelley.wordpress is chronicling along with Tanya Levin and many. Thank you to J. Lee Grady and the many that stood for Truth and Justice! There was NEVER any help, just guilt, condemnation, criticism, belittling, berating and shame and abuse; as women when at the end of their rope and hope going to their Church Leadership given evil advice and leaving Churches and killing themselves, but NO HELP or hand up in fact one of the Pastors mentioned here, fired his #2 guy (friend of over 20 years) for standing up for an abused woman and saying we are going to HELP her and evil Chuck Smith Sr., would not took it world wide news at thee time as knew people who were leaving Churches and killing themselves. Verify one abuse case, Interview Alex Grenier.

    In my over 60 years of sitting in the Church, they never helped anyone but built their Real Estate Portfolio and Empire and their Bank Accounts. No buildings to help Fatherless, Widow, Homeless, the Poor, it was individual people who served, NO James 1:27 and Matthew 25:31-end. Friends and I just called OVER 4,000 big named Ministries that call themselves Churches and Christian NO HELP to date. Know church leaders let minimum of 15 people die, NO HELP DATE! Wouldn’t give you 2 cents for any false church institute sat in but one that finally lived the Gospel but then that Pastor prayed minimum of 12 hours a day..


  4. P.S. J. Lee Grady heard it for years @ the time he was Editor @ Charisma before he left as he is on Report Church Abuse List-RCAL. J. Lee still gets copied in. Example: a whole church of boys molested, they ran the parents out and didn’t pay for counseling for the children (Roger Wheeler’s Foursquare Church) and the parents were great as long as bringing in the 30 pieces of Silver to their no different than mormon coffers who behave the same way (Foursquare Church), it was easier for Don Long and Scott Bauer to pray for those to die and or curse with Cancer if you read their death certificates one got up to preached and dropped dead two days later and the other beheaded in a car accident and they were warned before the whole world NOT to pray for people to die or curse with Cancer. Same with Greg Laurie the world knows this: he stood Mary Vega up and called her a Donkey’s Ass for wanting to leave the husband molesting the children”, NOTICE THE NO HELP and they were warned NOT to pray for people to die he was also confronted on teaching the rapture cult lie and what doing with money well Christopher was beheaded in that car accident (indicative of praying for people to die and the World knew that, REPORT CHURCH ABUSE LIST KNEW and World Wide Media (38 pages of emails). Dave Wilkerson headed the list then Dr. James Dobson, H.B. London Jr., etc. Handbook of denominations. January 8th, 2021 article reveals something very disturbing about the corrupt church as know A LOT OF THEM are funded by satanic and luciferian regimes and worse their is a List in a Book, you can read it Battle Hymn by John Scura/Dane Phillips (the Authors are not wrong)

    #1 which the World/Church knew was the first thing go in and ask to see their 501(c)3 report the one turned into the IRS not the lying fudged one they give the public to see who they help and where the money goes. #2 Ask how they handle Wife and Child Abuse, what’s protocol. Then ask them if funded by satanic and luciferian regimes and tell them to LIE before a Holy Almighty God, are they even saved and believe on the Lord Jesus Christ and are they a Christian? Ask if Mason and or Masonic and if they ever prayed for anyone to Die and or Curse with Cancer that will get you thrown out and ushered out as explain the Houston Chronicle and those over 700 victims. IF, YOU WANT TO KNOW ABOUT NAME OF CHURCH OR PASTOR: Google:
    Abused by name of Pastor and or Church
    Scandal name of Pastor and or Church
    Controversial Articles name of Pastor and or Church
    People’s Negative Feedback name of Pastor and or Church
    Name of Pastor/Church is Luciferian and or Satanic
    Name of Pastor/Church Mason and or Masonic. INTERESTING the feedback some horrific reads on Calvary Chapel like Daily Beast Tangled Web and Slide in Apostasy etc.

    THE OCCULT HIDES SIN, THE OCCULT DOESN’T LIVE IN TRUTH, THE OCCULT LIVE IN DARKNESS, THE OCCULT SWEEPS SIN UNDER THE CARPET EVERY CHURCH DEMONATION SAT IN but the one where the pastor prayed minimum of 12 Hours a Day. We DON’T have Holiness Preachers Proverbs 9:10, therefore NO Wisdom.
    Explain: The Marketing of Evil and How Evil Works etc., by David Kupelian

    Explain Jeremiah Candler’s death and Bethany Deaton as write we sacrificed ourselves on the Molech/Baal Altar of whatever denomination sat in. Sat in false church my entire life, learning absolutely nothing and look at us and our Nation. “as the church goes, so goes the world” Leonard Ravenhill, if the World is murderous and corrupt it’s because the false church is. PEOPLE ARE THE CHURCH, NOT THE BUILDING.

    cc: J. Lee Grady (as well as previous memo copied to all)
    Jeff Crippen and RCAL
    Berean Research/Wartburg Watch, Bill/Jackie Alnor, cc: EFC,
    My favorite writer in Los Angeles Times and Orange Country Register
    # of Pastors/Blogs/Whistleblower Magazine
    John W. Whitehead, Attorney
    Trinity Foundation, Dallas TX

    Explain: Sometimes If, God Has a Kid’s Face by Bruce Ritter,
    Franklin Cover-up by John DeCamp
    Thanks for the Memories-Brice Taylor (great book in references)
    David Shurter-Rabbit Hole explain all of the above in iight of the all these church entities that are Businesses equals dead Corporations-Corpse.

    Did you know in 1989-1990 your public education grammar school textbooks told our children the running theme was to kill themselves? Told one Pastor recently unless FASTING, PRAYING, REPENTING, PRAYING/SPEAKING THE WORD, TRUE WORSHIP (not satanic garbage) you’re NOT a church and James 1:27 and Matthew 25:31-end!

    someone know collects genre on church abuse.


  5. P.P.S. Dan H., Randy H., Fred P., Tony P., Karen, Randy S., Joseph, Viola, Kevin, Jimmy there’s more these are young people that killed themselves over former sociopath/psychopath (Google the difference) of a Pastor because their parents replaced God with the Charismatic sicko pastor. Pretty horrific all the death, miscarriages, suicides, adultery and this evil pastor groomed so many young men to bring $$$ into the no different than mormon coffers. ABSOLUTELY NO FRUIT, WE WEREN’T JUDGING FRUIT AND OR RESEARCHING WHO FOUNDED AND FUNDED.
    God, Jesus, Holy Spirit didn’t get a dime nor did the people and learned absolutely NOTHING!

    “if you’re husband beats you to death, and you die you win either way”., that evil Deacon should be in Prison!

    By the way the report church list heard it for YEARS!
    Losing My Religion by William Lobdell
    Don’t Call Me Brother etc., Austin Miles
    Pagan Christianity (green cover) by Frank Viola as explain ALL those lies!
    The Fleecing of Christianity by Jackie Alnor
    EXPLAIN: Thieves by Trey Smith
    Subtle Power of Spiritual Abuse-David Johnson & Jeff Johnson it’s like they sat in my former church and wrote the Book; my Body of work is in The Marketing of Evil etc., Thank goodness for Whistleblower Magazine.

    cc: to the list


  6. Called to Peace Ministry is another excellent resource to add to this great list!!


  7. For Spiritual Abuse please add Tears of Eden and the Uncertain Podcast.


  8. Author, newbie blogger, All Made Well Recovery Coach & church planter

    Blog at


  9. Thanks a lot for sharing this with all of us you actually know what you’re talking about! Bookmarked. Please also visit my site =). We could have a link exchange arrangement between us!


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  11. I just like the valuable info you supply for your articles. Iโ€™ll bookmark your blog and test once more here regularly. I am slightly certain I will be informed many new stuff proper here! Best of luck for the following!


  12. Iโ€™m impressed, I have to say. Really rarely do I encounter a blog thatโ€™s both educative and entertaining, and let me tell you, you’ve got hit the nail on the head. Your concept is excellent; the difficulty is something that not enough individuals are talking intelligently about. I’m very pleased that I stumbled throughout this in my seek for something referring to this.


  13. Hello there! Would you mind if I share your blog with my twitter group? There’s a lot of people that I think would really appreciate your content. Please let me know. Thank you


  14. Please let me know if you’re looking for a writer for your blog. You have some really good posts and I think I would be a good asset. If you ever want to take some of the load off, I’d love to write some material for your blog in exchange for a link back to mine. Please blast me an e-mail if interested. Cheers!


  15. Called to Peace Ministries provides sound, valuable training and support for churches and individuals who want to help, not harm, as well as victim supports.


  16. Also, Helena Knowlton of Confusion To Clarity, without a doubt:


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  18. Lyn Brown Farris

    Abuse Recovery Ministry & Services
    National Office:
    PO Box 663 Hillsboro, OR 97123
    503-846-9284 or 866-262-9284

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  19. Patrick Weaver Ministries!!!!


  20. Dr. Henry Cloud – he has a private group,, that offers incredibly helpful counseling services for an affordable price. It allows a person to find confidential counsel any time of day or night.

    Dr. John Townsend

    Townsend and Cloud coauthored Boundaries.


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