A Beautiful Summer in Maine

TBKW blog has been quiet this summer, but I am looking forward to kicking things into motion again this fall.  While not having the time to write, I have still been posting articles on our Facebook page.  I have been house cleaning for a vacation rental website in my beautiful neck of the woods.  This keeps me crazy busy in a tourist-saturated coastal town in the middle of Vacationland, but I do so love the opportunity to be alone in my own head, listening to interesting podcasts while enjoying “million dollar views.”  I thought I should share some beauty with you, so here are some snapshots taken while at work and also at play with my kiddos this summer:IMG_4805IMG_6289IMG_6292IMG_6445IMG_6466IMG_6510 IMG_5525 IMG_5557 IMG_5745 IMG_5843 IMG_5846 IMG_5954IMG_5438 IMG_5183

One response to “A Beautiful Summer in Maine

  1. Love the photos – It really is a ‘beautiful neck of the woods’!


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