Sale on ebooks dealing with Sexuality and Gender in the Church

There is a sale going on at Harper Collins Christian Publishing for books dealing with sexuality and gender in the Church.  This is exciting news for an introverted book nerd like myself! 🙂  The sale runs until 9/21/14, so check it out soon.  I have long wanted to read Half the Church and The Gospel of Ruth, both by Carolyn Custis James, and I was already thinking of buying Kathy Keller’s book to review  a complementarian view on gender roles for the blog.  I read How I Changed My Mind About Women in Ministry several years ago and it was wonderful (first book I picked up that began to shift my lens on these issues).  I already have The Year of Biblical Womanhood and look forward to reading it soon.  Rachel Held Evans posted this sale on Facebook and recommended Dare Mighty Things, so I will probably take her advice and pick that one up as well.

Here’s the link to the sale.

Happy reading!  Let’s support writers who are fighting the good fight in this important discussion.

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