The Logical Fallacy of “Equal but Subordinate”

I just finished reading this post over at Wordgazer’s Words, and had to share.  Very thoughtful argument from an egalitarian in response to the Center for Biblical Manhood and Womanhood’s 2006 article “Relationships and Roles in the New Creation,” which asserts that headship/submission of the genders will continue in the afterlife.

Here’s the link.  Please read!

2 responses to “The Logical Fallacy of “Equal but Subordinate”

  1. Hey, thanks for linking to me! This looks like a really good blog and I’ll do some more checking it out!


    • Thank you SO MUCH for visiting us, Kristen! I’ve just spent a large chunk of my day reading your blog. So excited to have found you. I love your writing and wisdom. 🙂


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