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Beauty is in the eye of the beholder…

What do you see when you look in the mirror? Go on. Go look. Ok. What was the first thought that popped into your head? Mine was, “Yikes! I need my brows waxed!” Was your similar? Why is it that? Why can’t we look in the mirror and say, “Wow. I am beautiful.” After all, isn’t that what God sees?

I get asked often as a hairdresser and makeup artist about a thousand questions about what to do with ones hair. Then that goes into what cut should I have, what style should I wear, do I need color, what makeup and hair products should I use, etc. and mind you this happens EVERYWHERE. I’m talking the grocery store, while washing your hands in a public restroom, restaurants, church, you name it. Because I am a cosmetologist I should have all the answers about beauty and how to make you more beautiful. But here’s the thing. YOU ALREADY ARE BEAUTIFIL!

I believe that we are putting way too much pressure on ourselves to be what society’s definition of beautiful is. What is that definition? Well, first advertisers make you presume that something is wrong with yourself and that they have the perfect services/products to fix you. This aggravates me. Makeup and hair should be tools of creative expression that tell the story of who you are. Not cover it up so we can spare no expense to make you look like Kim Kardashian.

In the garden of Genesis 1-2 we see that everything God creates is very good. (1:31) The Hebrew word for good is tov. It means the broadest sense of good. That what is good literally is desirable, beautiful, and pleasing. We as human beings that bear the image of God are desirable, beautiful, and pleasing just by being.

Now go back to that mirror. Ok. Now I want you to audibly speak this to yourself: I am desirable. I am beautiful. I am pleasing. See yourself dear one the way that your Creator sees you and let’s commit to stop hearing and believing lies.