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Another Abismal Matt Walsh Post – And Some Better Christian Responses to Robin William’s Suicide

My Facebook feed is starting to fill up with Matt Walsh’s response to Robin William’s suicide.  The point of his post is that depression is not just chemical, it’s spiritual, and suicide is a selfish choice.

Here are some more thoughtful and gracious posts from Christian bloggers that are helpful rather than hurtful, and they also come from a heart of solidarity because they actually know what depression does to you.  I would love to see these circulated as much as Walsh’s post.

Ann Voskamp: What the Church & Christians Need to Know About Suicide and Mental Health 

Megan Tietz: the Depressed Christian: why the dark night is no measure of your soul

Elizabeth Esther: Fighting shifting shadows (or what mental illness feels like)

Sarah Bessey: In which depression is NOT your fault

Julie Ann: Christian Response to Suicide

This short piece from Alice Park for TIME is also helpful: Robin William’s Depression Struggles May Go Back Decades