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Egalitarian Christmas Wish List


As I sit in devastated helplessness over the atrocities occurring in Aleppo, I think, what can I possibly do to help?  Beyond giving to organizations I believe in (like The Compassion Collective), I am convinced more than ever that the fight to end oppression of the vulnerable and disenfranchised is where it is at.

And how can the Church specifically address this?  Let’s start with our own disenfranchised–women, who experience varying degrees of oppression depending on their particular churches, but oppression none the less.  Being side-lined from using their spiritual gifts and working alongside their brothers in Kingdom building is oppression.

And who benefits from this?  I don’t think anyone actually benefits.  There are some men who hold inordinate power and influence (check out Malestrom, below, to see how many men are downtrodden by patriarchy), who would experience loss if they were made to share these things, to quiet their own voices to allow room for others’.  But it is really to their benefit as well to be humbled and to become a servant, just as Jesus Christ was humbled even to death.

There is intersection of issues to consider as well.  People of color are disenfranchised in Evangelical institutions of influence and power.  Low-income people are viewed negatively in our Western, wealthy society.  Finding our way out of patriarchal, racist and classist systems that sideline Kingdom warriors will involve a massive shift in the way that Christians view theological issues of authority, dominion, headship, and submission.  Christians have historically led the charge in freeing others from oppression – for instance, early abolitionists and suffragists were Christians.  Let us pick up our mantle of freeing others once again, and pray that the ripples spread throughout the world to ensure the abundant life of all humankind.


And so, I offer you a Christmas shopping list for the Christians in your family, church staff, close friends, anyone who you buy a gift.  Using your voice and purchasing power to spread Egalitarian Kingdom values is money well-spent.

The links to purchase each book is in the caption.  In no particular order:



Excellent essays from influential Evangelicals on their change from Complementarian to Egalitarian theology.  How I Changed My Mind About Women in Leadership


One of my favorite theologians.  Love this.  Beyond Sex Roles


Beautifully written, compellingly drawing us to Jesus and His daughters.  Jesus Feminist


Powerful scholarship on Paul’s letters.  Man and Woman, One in Christ


A seminal work from Egalitarian theologians on Kingdom gender roles.  Discovering Biblical Equality


Grady looks at patriarchal cultural influences have snuck into the Church. 10 Lies the Church Tells Women


Custis James is my favorite Ezer.  Read her many books!  You’ll be glad you did!  Half the Church


An excellent treatise on the harm that patriarchal society inflicts on men.  Malestrom  


From the founder of Youth with a Mission on the importance of commissioning women into ministry.  Why Not Women?


Women are not the subordinate ‘helpers’ – we are co-leaders in marriage and Church.  Together: Reclaiming C0-Leadership in Marriage


Egalitarians do not reject the teachings on submission – just exempting men.  As Christ Submits to the Church



A marriage book for newlyweds and marriage veterans alike.  I studied under Mathews at Gordon-Conwell Seminary.  Marriage Made in Eden



From “Nobody” to “Somebody” – How one “Blessed Alliance” has changed the lives of nearly 200 children in Uganda

As a devoted Egalitarian, it warms my heart to see couples serving the Lord together as a united and equal team, a “blessed alliance,” and I had that great pleasure recently.


A couple weeks ago, my husband Logan and I hosted an open house for Dutch missionaries Sir Piet and Lady Pita Buitendijk, who have lived in Uganda for over 20 years adopting and caring for abandoned, orphaned and abused babies.  They now have 179 children in the largest and most beautiful family I have ever seen.  Through Noah’s Ark Children’s Ministry Uganda, they also serve the local villages with medical care, food and schooling.  The NACMU compound includes beautiful homes, farms, loaded fish ponds, an elementary and high school, a technical school, a church, a clinic, and more.  What they are doing is truly amazing.  Piet and Pita share their own suite with their infants who come to NACMU in the most extreme states of vulnerability, malnourished and barely hanging on.

They were relaying the story of being knighted earlier this year by the King of the Netherlands, and noted that it is unusual for a married couple to be knighted together.
“It is because we are equals,” Pita declared.  Amen!!


My father is the U.S. Representative for Noah’s Ark Children’s Ministry Uganda.  Through my dad’s ministry, Safe Landing Ministries, you can sign up to sponsor a local child’s education.  Piet and Pita use every resource available to them to raise up the children around them and offer them a future of safety and happiness.  Piet framed the economic situation in Uganda “positively,” by saying 14% of the country is employed.  Piet is the best kind of visionary, always thinking of ways to provide opportunities and skills to his children, to bring dignity and joy to their lives.

“From Nobody to Somebody” – Noah’s Ark believes that with genuine love, care and education children who have been deemed a “nobody” by society can be restored into a “somebody”.

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For more information on this wonderful ministry and the Blessed Alliance of Piet and Pita behind it all, you can visit:

Noah’s Ark website
Safe Landing Ministries to sign up to sponsor a child
The NACMU FB page
The NACMU YouTube channel

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The Failure of Complementarian Manhood — Carolyn Custis James

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