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Christmas Vacation Reading Fun

A very Merry {and belated} Christmas to you!

If you are spending extra time off from work over the holiday break, I thought you might appreciate some links to exceptional articles and blog posts on the topics of women in ministry, women of the Bible, violence against women, gender injustice, etc.  We are continually sharing our favorites on our Facebook page, but the volume can be a little overwhelming.  So here is a whittled down list.  Without further ado, here you go:

Sandra Glahn beautifully explains why Peter was not admonishing women to call their husbands “lords” as in “master,” but as a term of gracious respect and courageous endearment.

CBE posted their top ten posts of 2015 here.  I also really enjoyed their most recent post, Mockingjays and Unicorns: How the Hunger Games is Changing Our Perceptions of Female Leadership, which isn’t on the list.

I would agree with Jory Micah’s concerns about Matt and Lauren Chandler’s upcoming marriage conference.

The Junia Project shared a powerful article on “What You Need to Know About Bathsheba.”

I LOVE April Kelsey’s post about the purity culture that is actually in the Bible.

Here’s a list of resolutions I can actually get behind.

I could go on, but that should keep you busy for a bit!  I’ll leave you with this WORD:12196180_1174640309213612_1724355742375898073_n