From “Nobody” to “Somebody” – How one “Blessed Alliance” has changed the lives of nearly 200 children in Uganda

As a devoted Egalitarian, it warms my heart to see couples serving the Lord together as a united and equal team, a “blessed alliance,” and I had that great pleasure recently.


A couple weeks ago, my husband Logan and I hosted an open house for Dutch missionaries Sir Piet and Lady Pita Buitendijk, who have lived in Uganda for over 20 years adopting and caring for abandoned, orphaned and abused babies.  They now have 179 children in the largest and most beautiful family I have ever seen.  Through Noah’s Ark Children’s Ministry Uganda, they also serve the local villages with medical care, food and schooling.  The NACMU compound includes beautiful homes, farms, loaded fish ponds, an elementary and high school, a technical school, a church, a clinic, and more.  What they are doing is truly amazing.  Piet and Pita share their own suite with their infants who come to NACMU in the most extreme states of vulnerability, malnourished and barely hanging on.

They were relaying the story of being knighted earlier this year by the King of the Netherlands, and noted that it is unusual for a married couple to be knighted together.
“It is because we are equals,” Pita declared.  Amen!!


My father is the U.S. Representative for Noah’s Ark Children’s Ministry Uganda.  Through my dad’s ministry, Safe Landing Ministries, you can sign up to sponsor a local child’s education.  Piet and Pita use every resource available to them to raise up the children around them and offer them a future of safety and happiness.  Piet framed the economic situation in Uganda “positively,” by saying 14% of the country is employed.  Piet is the best kind of visionary, always thinking of ways to provide opportunities and skills to his children, to bring dignity and joy to their lives.

“From Nobody to Somebody” – Noah’s Ark believes that with genuine love, care and education children who have been deemed a “nobody” by society can be restored into a “somebody”.

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For more information on this wonderful ministry and the Blessed Alliance of Piet and Pita behind it all, you can visit:

Noah’s Ark website
Safe Landing Ministries to sign up to sponsor a child
The NACMU FB page
The NACMU YouTube channel

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