Egalitarians on Twitter using #CBMW16

The Council on Biblical Manhood and Womanhood just wrapped up their T4G (Together 4 the Gospel) conference yesterday.  The conference was headlined by prominent Evangelical pastors and there was a separate women’s conference headlined by prominent complementarian women.  The theme was “The Beauty of Complementarity” and sessions included “God’s Design for Women,” “Bound for Life: Following Your Husband Through Life’s Challenges,” “Raising Godly Sons,” “Fitted for Flourishing: How the Bible Creates a Happy Home,” “Workers at Home: The Temptation to be ‘Mom Plus,'” etc.  According to CBMW, their hashtag #CBMW16 was used 2.4 million times throughout the conference, as attendees live-tweeted quotes and reflections…

…and as egalitarians responded with challenges to complementarian theology.  I am sure it was frustrating to the CBMW that they could not control the Twitter-sphere the way they could control the mic at their patriarchal conference.  Here are some of my favorite egalitarian tweets:


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5 responses to “Egalitarians on Twitter using #CBMW16

  1. Complementarian ideas in the church and home are sanctified sins, which as some of the hardest sins to uproot as they are the hardest sins for the participants to recognize, as those sins are the very things they believe makes them holy (set apart).


  2. This is the best! Thank you, and everyone, for fighting against the errors of complementarianism!


  3. Praise God! It is wonderful to see how many people have seen through the nonsense of Complementarianism. It is sad though that so many brothers and sisters are still bound in its teaching and that others are being influenced to think that way.


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