Two Years of Blogging, and Our 100th Post!

The 16th, coming up on Saturday, is the two year anniversary since our first post on The Beautiful Kingdom Warriors blog.  On top of that, this is our 100th post!

2015 was an over-the-top year for Becky and I in our personal lives.  Consequently, we only published 14 posts in 2015 and most of those were links to other blogs or resources and book reviews. We continued to keep our Facebook page active with fascinating content each day.  Be sure to “Like” our page and contribute to the dialogue there!

Here are a couple links to new posts in 2015 with original TBKW content:

A Response to Girl Defined – Is Feminism Devoid of God?

Finding Healing from Codependency

Despite the lag in blogging, we were blessed to have many visitors this year.  And I love this image from our WordPress report:


I have designated the next few months as a season of healing for me.  I have a window of opportunity to spend time caring for my body and soul, and part of that healing process will involve writing.  I am excited to have the space for blogging once again!  It was painful for me to leave the blog dormant.  I will write soon to explain what I am healing from.  I only mention it here to say that this means more content is coming!  And I am sure that Becky will be back to TBKW blog as her crazy schedule allows it as well.

Thank you for coming to TBKW for resources and conversations about the place of women in the world and in the Church.  Here’s to another year!

2 responses to “Two Years of Blogging, and Our 100th Post!

  1. Happy Anniversary TBKW! Glad to be partners with you on the journey!


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