3 Reasons Why it’s Tough to See Male Privilege

We so appreciate the work that Rob Dixon is doing to “challenge Tertullian” and give voice to the reality of male privilege! Check out his blog if you haven’t already.

Challenging Tertullian

mf6Tt1MThat Tertullian, he can be tough to find sometimes.

I certainly think that was the case last week at Fresno Pacific, where I had the joy of speaking to the men at two chapel services, on Wednesday and Friday mornings.

Together we wrestled with the notion of male privilege, and I challenged them to respond by admitting that male privilege exists, submitting their privilege to Jesus, and then committing to use their privilege to empower and advocate for others (find an older post about this three-fold response framework here).

It’s that first one, admitting that privilege exists, that I find to be the biggest challenge for men. At least that’s true the first time they engage teaching on this topic.

Why is that?

I think there are at least three reasons.

First, by its nature, male privilege is extraordinarily subtle and therefore difficult to spot. Male privilege sort of…

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