Looking back on our first year blogging on TBKW

One year ago today, Becky and I posted our first blog entry, explaining our vision for The Beautiful Kingdom Warriors.

Looking back on our first year blogging about gender issues within Christianity, we are so grateful for all of our readers, followers, and contributors!  Thank you for commenting, messaging us, “liking” us on Facebook, and passing along articles and ideas for posts.  Your encouragement amazes us and keeps us going!

Here is a short Youtube message from yours truly:

In the past year, we have published 84 posts.  Here are our most-viewed posts:

From Becky:
Destroyed in the Destruction of Addiction
Am I too much?  Am I not enough?
Do What You Want What You Want With My Body

From Ruth:
A Response to Matt Walsh: “Christian women: feminism is not your friend”
Musings on my muffin top
God’s Unreasonable Generosity

From Guest Contributors:
Jesus was a feminist – A poem by Robin Merrill
Singleness – A Gift from God, A Seat at the Kiddie Table, or Girls Gone Wild?
Graham Explains Submission within the Trinity

We’ve also done several VLOGS.  Here are a couple of our favorites:
Beautiful and Dangerous: BODY=IMAGE, SEX=SYMBOL
Fighting for Joy

Keep reading and sharing!  And we’ll keep blogging!  Thank you so much for a great year.  We love you!

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