Quick, Pass Me the Detergent!

LOVE this.

Challenging Tertullian

mhAOpKkOh how I love to do laundry.

I mean it. And what’s not to love? For one thing, you get the satisfaction of serving the family. For another, it’s a job where you can see tangible, real-time results. And then there’s the intoxicating feeling of triumph when you’re folding the last load and you know that each and every laundry basket in the house is totally and completely empty. It’s awesome.

OK, I just broke down how doing laundry gives me joy. Hmmm.

Perhaps I need to rethink my definition of joy?!?

Or maybe not. Because there is evidence that when married couples share the household chore load, good things can happen.

For instance, this article refers to a recent Psychological Science piece that demonstrates a link between dads doing an equal share of the chore load and their little girls gaining a vision for vocations that are not traditionally feminine. You can…

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