Another Abismal Matt Walsh Post – And Some Better Christian Responses to Robin William’s Suicide

My Facebook feed is starting to fill up with Matt Walsh’s response to Robin William’s suicide.  The point of his post is that depression is not just chemical, it’s spiritual, and suicide is a selfish choice.

Here are some more thoughtful and gracious posts from Christian bloggers that are helpful rather than hurtful, and they also come from a heart of solidarity because they actually know what depression does to you.  I would love to see these circulated as much as Walsh’s post.

Ann Voskamp: What the Church & Christians Need to Know About Suicide and Mental Health 

Megan Tietz: the Depressed Christian: why the dark night is no measure of your soul

Elizabeth Esther: Fighting shifting shadows (or what mental illness feels like)

Sarah Bessey: In which depression is NOT your fault

Julie Ann: Christian Response to Suicide

This short piece from Alice Park for TIME is also helpful: Robin William’s Depression Struggles May Go Back Decades

13 responses to “Another Abismal Matt Walsh Post – And Some Better Christian Responses to Robin William’s Suicide

  1. Remember, Mr. Walsh is the same guy who wants to talk about all divorcees as if we all just weren’t committed enough to our marriages. Then he gets mad about people “twisting his words” when abuse victims have the nerve to tell him that divorce was a good thing for us because it literally saved our lives.

    It’s so frustrating to see someone like him persist in being so holier-than-thou being propped up by fans that, like him, have never had an actual problem in their lives. (I’m exaggerating, but not by much.)


    • my opinion is that matt walsh capitalizes on controversy. i think he’s about making a living from blogging more than really understanding the topics he’s writing about. controversy brings traffic = blogging success.

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      • Clearly. But I just hate watching him do so much damage, whether it’s because he has no conscience or because he is determined to remain ignorant. What can you do? I guess just use your voice to help counter people like him, which I appreciate you doing.

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    • Divorce does not “Literally” save anyone. He is right, divorce is bad. There are some times when God permits it, but doing because you don’t “feel” like making it work is not one. And you hypocrite with your own holier than thou attitudes can always feel free to not read his blog anytime, you know.


      • “Divorce does not “Literally” save anyone.”

        Wrong. Divorce literally saved me and my children. Period. But you go ahead and persist in your ignorance if it makes you feel better. Fortunately, the neat thing about the truth is that it remains true whether or not you choose to believe it.


  2. I didn’t read his article; I often skip things he writes. It’s sad that there is an aspect of blame in what he wrote. Compassion and empathy and patience are what we need to talk about, not find fault with Someone’s spiritual life.


    • Lol. There was no ‘blame’ but you wouldn’t know because you didn’t read it. how ignorant. You don’t get to criticize people when you don’t even know what they’re talking about. You’re blindly listening to what his (biased) critics here are saying (not that some criticism isn’t healthy, but these people clearly are just bent out of shape that he hit a nerve and worse, was right).


      • “Lol. There was no ‘blame’ but you wouldn’t know because you didn’t read it.”

        Try some reading comprehension. If you have the time to chase down people that aren’t drinking the Matt Walsh koolaid just to post inane comments, you can at least take the time to read the substance of the criticism.

        Here’s a free clue for you: understanding experience outside your own is a good thing. Try it sometime.


  3. Interesting correlation between his posts getting more heated after the birth of his twins. Pissing people off brings in more diapers.

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