Rachel Held Evans: We need feminism

Rachel knocks it out of the ball park with this one. Take a look and pass it on! This is a message we need to shout from the rooftops.


The alternative to patriarchy is not matriarchy. It’s mutuality, equality. This is what feminism supports. Feminism isn’t about hating men. It’s about advocating for the dignity and equality of women, who continue to face disproportionate violence, discrimination, and marginalization throughout the world due to their gender.

7 responses to “Rachel Held Evans: We need feminism

  1. thecountingthought

    I was just about to reblog that and came to my dashboard and saw that you had the same enthusiasm! Such a great post.


  2. I need to memorize this list by heart.


  3. Call me a skeptic if you like, but I have been around feminism long enough to know that your bright assessment is not what feminism was at its roots. If it has morphed into something so benign and beautiful as you say, that is fine but color me a skeptic.


    • I believe, at its roots, the first feminists were Christians. I have come across much literature to that effect but will need to do some more research and perhaps write a post on the history of Christian feminism. I am familiar with the extremist feminists that you are refering to, but that is not the origin of feminism. It is roote in an ideal of gender equality, not in tearing men down. Christian feminists are concerned about the sanctity of life, our brothers in Christ, justice for all humanity. Good stuff. There are blogs out there dedicated to historical examples of Christian feminists, but I am on my cell phone away from my computer and can’t reference them at this time. I promise to get back to you in a post! πŸ™‚


      • I was an adult in the 60s and 70s and the dominant feminist movement was really quite geared to the detriment of males.


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