What to write when there’s nothing to write?

It’s been a while since I’ve posted anything. I often hide behind the amazing gifting of my co laborer and friend Ruth. I use the excuse that she is much more gifted and competent than I. Plus I work full time now and have 2 boys and a hubby to love on so my time is restricted. But honestly it’s more because I don’t believe that I’m smart enough or have anything important or profound or encouraging to write that hasn’t already been written. We are inundated with blogs and videos and links almost constantly. Why would anyone want to hear from my crazy ADD, anxious, creative brain? And then I read my friend’s beautiful post about her struggle with body image and I realize I receive that knowledge that pierces my darkness with light because I know her. I can hear her voice and see her eyes in her writing. And I love her and being loved by her, so the truth she plants in my heart with her written words roots deep down into my soul. What a gift! We read each other’s writings to move us out of despair and into hope. We read over and over again similar truths and stories because they reach deep down into our souls and wring out the pain.

So this is my public confession that I will try to do better and be braver, Ruth. To hopefully be used in writing a bit more to pull others out of despair into hope through the power of written word and wring out the pain into God’s overflowing bucket of redemption, grace, mercy, justice, and love.

One response to “What to write when there’s nothing to write?

  1. I am SO excited to hear more from you, friend! You are a well-spring of wisdom and encouragement and a truly gifted writer. And YES, you are BUSY!!! I don’t know how you do it all!!! Thank you for your kind words. Love you!


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