Talking with Teens about their Identity as Ezers

Becky and I had the honor of visiting with our church’s youth group, called Floodgate, after church today.  There were seven beautiful, witty and passionate teens there, plus their dedicated leaders, Lisa, Kiva and Danielle.  Becky and I shared our stories and why we’re blogging about women’s issues in the church.  Then we shared a brief word study of the Hebrew phrase ezer kenegdo from Genesis 2:18 and 20 (where woman is described as a “suitable helper” in nearly all Bible translations, but a truer translation would be “corresponding strength” – I used this article by Margaret Mowzcko as a guideline), and some verses countering lies that women are told by our culture regarding their value and worth.  Then we asked the girls how they could be ezers, valuable strengths, in their family, church, school and community.  Their answers were honest and inspiring.  We were impressed by their desire to be faithful witnesses for God and to integrate their Christianity into their school life as well as their family and church lives.

We’ll be talking about our Floodgate visit on tomorrow’s VLOG, but I didn’t want to wait to share a couple videos with you.

This first video features Floodgate superstar, Nikita, singing an original song.  We agree with her message to all teens out there!

And the girls recommended this fantastic video.
Who You Are: A Message to All Women from the Anima Series

Check back tomorrow for our VLOG!  Carry on, warriors!

4 responses to “Talking with Teens about their Identity as Ezers

  1. Very lovely! This man has a new perspective on that verse too ! Thanks!


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