Guest Post – For Women Walking Through Divorce

Tonight, Becky and Ruth are pleased to share a guest post from Theresa Brady, a friend of ours from our Facebook group.  One of the goals we had for our blog was to hear from other women about the issues they are facing.  As nearly 50% of all marriages end in divorce, it is likely that this piece will touch many hearts.  Without further ado…

oak-tree-sunset, Mike Wilson

Us women, walking through the pain of alone…So painful!  Most of our well intentioned family and friends really don’t have a clue of how agonizing this really is.  Some of us say divorce is worse than death, because the one we love has not left us due to illness and is going home to Christ.  The one we love left us because he or she no longer wants to be with us!  There is no closure as there is in death!!  Just pain.

 How do we as women keep our self respect, our self worth, our ability to rise every morning to care for our children alone…always alone?  We do it with Christ walking with us, holding us up; loving us!  Giving us peace and sometimes closure.
We rise and do what we need to do every day thru the strength of Christ our Lord!  With God, prayer, and a renewed trust within ourselves, we will soon blossom!!!
 As women walk thru the storms of divorce, it is so hard to see the beautiful strong oak trees throughout the forest.  Oak trees are the strongest and most resilient trees alive.  These trees represent the woman’s strength, and as she looks beyond the trees through the forest, there before her is a beautiful warm sunset.  The sunset is God walking with her, giving her hope for the future, for her children, and for herself!
I ask that women please, please take a moment to look through the forest at those large strong oak trees in the warm sunset and maybe for the first time through this horribleness she will smile!
My heart is here because I have been going through this for the last year and a half!  It is a lonely lonely walk if you do it without God!
Thank you for sharing this with us, Theresa!
Here are some resources for those facing this difficult journey:

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