Beginning Our Journey to Understanding Biblical Womanhood

Hi there! Thank you so much for stopping by!  We (Becky and Ruth) hope The Beautiful Kingdom Warriors becomes a landing spot for you in your quest to  understanding Biblical Womanhood.  While we collaborate on a book together, we thought we’d begin the conversation publicly and share our research, Bible studies, book reviews, and other resources from those who are asking similar questions.  Our hope is that you will interact with our posts in the comments section, giving us feedback and differing perspectives to consider.  What does Biblical Womanhood mean to you?  What is your background with church teaching, cultural pressures, etc.?  We are excited to hear from you!

Becky and I are passionate Jesus followers, lovers of The Book, and devoted to God’s redemptive work of restoring His Kingdom.  As beautiful daughters of the King, we believe that God’s creation is good and His design for the world was perfect before the Father of Lies infected it with sin.  Before the Fall, God presented Eve to her groom as his ezer,

“a powerful Hebrew military word whose significance we have barely begun to unpack.  The ezer is a warrior, and this has far-reaching implications for women, not only in marriage, but in every relationship, season, and walk of life.  Eve and all her daughters are ezers–strong warriors who stand alongside their brothers in the battle for God’s kingdom”

(Carolyn Custis James, in Lost Women of the Bible).

Joining with Jesus in redeeming Biblical Womanhood from the muck and mire of a sinful world, we are eager to do so with grace, humility, and kindness.  We do not want to polarize people of differing views, but engage them in beneficial dialogue.  We will carefully guard our comments section, deleting comments that are not loving, peaceful, forbearing, kind, gentle, and self-controlled.  Fight the good fight with us, bearing in mind that we are all on a journey of understanding and if we do not contribute in love, we are only doing harm.

The Christian Warrior. a hymn by L.M. Montgomery (pronouns edited by Ruth)

  1. The Christian warrior, see her stand In the whole armor of her God; The spirit’s sword is in her hand; Her feet are with the gospel shod.
  2. In panoply of truth complete, Salvation’s helmet on her head, With righteousness, a breastplate meet, And faith’s broad shield before her spread.
  3. With this omnipotence she moves; From this the alien armies flee; Till more than conqueror she proves, Through Christ, who gives her victory.
  4. Thus strong in her Redeemer’s strength, Sin, death and hell she tramples down,— Fights the good fight; and takes at length, Through mercy, an immortal crown.

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